The Best Outdoor Design Ideas For You To Plan Your Summer Party

Spring hasn’t been around for long and we’re already dreaming about those mid-summer nights filled with laughter, amazing weather, and a starry sky that is just to die for. And what could be the best place in the world to spend those nights with friends other than your own backyard or patio? So here are a few outdoor design ideas to inspire and help you plan the perfect Summer party.

  1. Take advantage of your pool and create a pool pavilion with stunning neutral colors such as gray and white. This will allow for a more sophisticated ambience and a stylish Summer night with friends. This specific pavillion was designed by Jamie Bush and architect Dennis Gibbens for a Beverly Hills home.
  2. If, however, your home is on the more traditional side, you can create an outdoor space that takes the best of its outdoor plants and trees. This patio decor is anchored by stunning vines and plants all around it, creating a fresh atmosphere.
  3. Much like designer Jamie Durie, you can create your own outdoor dining area. Just by the pool! Perfect for a Summer dinner and relaxed soirée.
  4. And even if you live in the city there’s no reason for you not to enjoy an outdoor area. Gunn Landscape Architecture designed the ‘built-in-banquette’ on this very New York terrace, overlooking Gramercy Park. A small terrace that would make a lot of dreams come true, that’s for sure.
  5. A mid-century modern lighting design sets the right mood for this outdoor space. Minimalist and neutral furniture, wisely spread around an outdoor fireplace create the perfect setting for a mid-September evening.
  6. A more private outdoor design option might just be an indoor patio. The fig tree like the one pictured below creates an amazing shadow and is also great for privacy, in case you have any upstairs neighbors.